SELECTED RESCUES - YOSAR responded to 232 calls in 2004


12/17/2004 - Stranded Hikers at Glacier Point
Yosemite Park Dispatch received a phone call from the Yosemite Medical Clinic reporting two stranded hikers at Glacier Point. The clinic staff said that the hikers were calling from Glacier Point, and the clinic staff told them to hang up and dial 911 to talk to dispatch.

At 1725 hours Park Dispatch got a 911 call from the hikers, and transfered the call to the Wawona Ranger Office. The caller said that he and his friend had hiked up the Four Mile Trail from Yosemite Valley. They got up to Glacier Point at about 1600 hours. They realized that they could not get down because of the icy conditions of the trail. The caller said that they had jackets but were wearing shorts. They had a pack with food and water and a flashlight. He said that the trail was too dangerous to go down. 

At about 1825 hours Rangers Young and Ewart started towards Glacier Point on snowmobiles. A ranger from the Valley District was dispatched to Chinquapin to take the hikers down to the Valley after they were picked up at Glacier Point. 

The Four Mile Trail is closed in the winter months due to icy conditions--do not attempt to use the trail when it is closed.


10/19 - 10/22/2004 - El Capitan Rescues
On 10/17/04 a severe storm hit Yosemite and lingered for several days. Multiple climbing parties high on El Capitan were stranded, triggering a massive multi-day rescue effort.

*10/19 - 10/21/2004 - Fatalities on The Nose 
A pair of Japanese nationals high on the Nose died while attempting to climb out from Camp 6 during the storm's full fury.


*10/19 - 10/22/2004 - Rescues on the Salathe Wall 
With no food and dangerous climbing conditions, two climbers high on the Salathe Wall became stranded, requiring YOSAR aid to escape.


*10/19/2004 - "Flagging" 
A first-hand account of blazing the way through the storm for the dramatic El Capitan recue effort, written by Yosemite Climbing Ranger Lincoln Else.


9/02 - 9/03/2004 - High Sierra Camp Search
A family of five, including young children, was reported overdue to Sunrise High Sierra Camp, prompting a large search effort.


3/29 - 3/30/2004 - Overdue Hiker - Yosemite Falls Trail
On March 29th, 2004 at 4:25pm a Ranger took a report of an overdue male hiker. The hiker had last been seen by his mother at 5:20am the same day, hiking up towards the Snow Creek Switchbacks. The hiker had planned to hike the approximately 20 miles up Snow Creek, along the trail, and down the Yosemite Falls Trail. The hiker had planned to meet his family in front of Degnan’s Deli at 1:00pm and had not returned.

At 6:00am on March 30th, two teams of two people were sent up the Yosemite Falls Trail and the Snow Creek Trail. Soon after, a helicopter search operation was ordered and a California Highway Patrol helicopter was also ordered.

At 7:15am the Incident Commander received information from another park employee that she had heard someone yelling in the Church Bowl area. Two rangers were sent to Church Bowl area and after using a PA system made verbal as well as visual contact with the missing hiker, who was located high on the Ahwahnee Ledge system.

At 9:22am all ground teams returned to the SAR cache, while the helicopter flew a reconnaissance mission to determine ground access to the missing hiker. At 11:19am ground teams made contact with the missing hiker. The rescuers determined that the hiker was uninjured and escorted him down to the valley floor.

The rescue team and the hiker safely reached the ground at 2:15pm.

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