SELECTED RESCUES - YOSAR responded to 231 calls in 2005


2/5/2005 - Evacuation of Fallen Lead Climber on El Capitan
Climber leading Moby Dick was injured in a fall to the ground, requiring a medical carry out.


11/20/2005 - Evacuation of Fallen Lead Climber on El Capitan 
Climber aiding La Escuela pulled several pieces and hit the ground, requiring a medical carry-out.


10/13 - 10/14/2005 - Rescue of Injured/Stranded Climber on El Capitan 
After his arm was badly cut by falling rock, a climber and his partner on New Dawn require a full-scale El Capitan rescue.


July - September 2005 - Swiftwater Summer 
2005 saw multiple swiftwater fatalities and near-misses on the Merced River. 


7/22 - 7/23/2005 - Search and Rescue for PCT Through-hiker 
Eyes swollen shut and unable to walk, a PCTer north of Tuolumne sent a desperate plea for help, spawning a two-day rescue effort.


7/11 - 7/12/2005 - Lead Climber Fall on Fairview Dome 
Nearing the top of Lucky Streaks, a hand-hold broke off, dislocating the leader's shoulder. An all-night high-angle rescue was conducted from the summit.


7/05/2005 - Lead Climber Fall on Lembert Dome
Off route and run-out, a climber on Northwest Books was injured in a 30' lead fall, requiring rescue.


6/18/2005 - Lead Climber Fall on East Buttress, El Capitan
A climber slipped on wet rock and sustained spinal injuries. A helicopter short-haul rescue was initiated


6/16 - 6/17/2005 Stranded Climbers on Royal Arches 
A pair of climbers were benighted in a storm at the top of Royal Arches without overnight gear. A night rescue was required to guide them to the ground.


5/1/2005 - Techincal Carryout of Bear
YOSAR assisted Bear Management by effecting a carryout of a sedated bear through the boulders above Le Conte


2/20/2005 - Horizon Ridge Search and Rescue
A solo skier became lost in a fierce winter storm near Ostrander Lake. A dramatic ground and air response was required to save the severely hypothermic patient's life


2/10/2005 - Summit Meadow Evacuation
Yosemite Dispatch received a phone call reporting an injured skier near Summit Meadow on the Glacier Point Road. Park Service personnel responded immediately on the NPS snowmobile. They located the patient about 1/4 mile from the Badger Pass trailhead.

After arrival on scene, a ranger performed an initial medical assessment and found the patient to be alert and conscious but complaining of back and neck pain. With assisstance from Yosemite Institute instructors in the area, the patient was placed on a backboard with full c-spine control and transported by sled to the Badger Pass A-frame.

The on-duty Registered Nurse took over patient control upon arrival at the A-frame. The patient was further examined and transported by ground ambulance (Medic 3) to the Yosemite Medical Clinic.


1/26/2005 - Glacier Point Road Assist
Badger Pass Wilderness Ranger G. Young received a report of a skier on the Glacier Point Road that needed assistance getting back to Badger Pass. A Delware North Company ski guide reported that he was skiing back to Badger Pass from Glacier Point with an overnight ski tour when one of the group began complaining of hip pain and could not ski beyond the Bridalveil trail junction. The injured person was left at the Bridalveil Campground trail junction to wait for help to return.

Ranger Young used a NPS snowmobile to drive the Glacier Point Road to locate the subject. At about 1415 hours Ranger Young located the subject slowly skiing west on the Glacier Point Road near the Limit Trail junction. Ranger Young snowmobiled to Bridalveil trail junction to pick up the subject's pack. He then picked up the subject and drove him back to Badger Pass on the snowmobile.

The subject declined medical evaluation or care and was able to leave the Badger Pass area by personal vehicle.

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